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Time with Tonya

Time with Tonya

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Ever wished you had a lifeline when you needed a quick help with your creative pursuits? 

Imagine being able to Zoom, FaceTime, or call an instructor, ask questions and get expert guidance when you need it?

Whether you are stuck on a step, need advice, want to bounce an idea off someone, Tonya is here for you!

Some possible areas you might want a quick consult with:

  • Techniques and processes
  • Buying or using a tool or material
  • A design idea that has a roadblock
  • You forgot a step in a process
  • Building a new studio or reorganizing and needing design advice
  • Watching you to give you tips on what you might be doing wrong
  • Sourcing materials and resources for learning
  • Branding, marketing, social media, pricing, shows/booths
  • Someone to give you feedback on your website or social media

With over 27 years of experience in jewelry making and expertise in various artistic mediums, she’s got the answers or will find them for you.  No judgement, just empathetic and confidential assistance to give you momentum and inspiration.

It’s like having a trust worthy mentor on call!  

Purchase time in one hour increments, which will be used in 15 min blocks.  The more you buy upfront, the most cost-effective it becomes.  

Sessions can be recorded for future reference.  

Tonya is a seasoned artist, former jewelry tool and supply distributor, senior instructor at Rio Grande for 10 years, and a marketing expert.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the help you need to move forward confidently in your creative journey!

How it works:

  • Buy 1 hour, 3 hours or 5 hours (discounts with 3 and 5)
  • Book time with me to use your 15 min blocks of time.  
  • Time is good for up to 9 months
  • When you book your time, submit a topic so I can minimally prepare.  That way you make the most of our time.  
  • This is not a class.  You will want to book a 1 on 1 Zoom or In-Person Time with Tonya for that.  This is to answer or show you something you need help with that you already know, forgot or need a refresher on.
  • Great for past students wanting to refresh something they forgot or something that isn’t working out.  

Ir it as quickly and straight forwardly as possible.  Record the session to replay when you need to refer to it again.

What’s not to love about having a mentor on call?

How it works

Purchase timed is sold in 15 min increments, kinda like a punch card.  Use 5 minutes, 10 or 15.  It’s all one price.

Grab as many time slots as you think are needed.  It’s possible to add time if we run over and I have time available.

The more time you purchase upfront the less expensive it is.

Time purchased is good for 9 months.

Time is not transferrable or resell able to others.  It for you alone.

Zoom is optimal since it can be recorded but we can do phone or FaceTime.

When you book your time you will submit a topic so I can minimally prepare.  That way we make the most of each minute.  Techniques that are class based will not be covered since that requires much more setup/take down time and is better suited to a class.  If you have already taken that class from me, I’m happy to cover it because we’ve already laid the groundwork for the followup questions that might occur.

It can be used for studio setup and design, tool or equipment using lessons, etc.  If you have a question about something not covered, send it over to me prior to purchasing.

The introductory cost

  1. 1 hour, or 4 x 15 min segments for $125
  2. 3 hours, or 12x 15 min segments for $340
  3. 5 hours, or 20x 15 min segments for $530

Why Tonya

  • BS in Interior Design and Marketing - I’ve designed many studios and schools.  I understand work-flow, use, design, ergonomics, gas, tools, ventilation and organization/storage.
  • Well versed in many techniques - I’ve taken over 185 classes and combined that knowledge with my own experiments and processes
  • Been teaching since 1996 - all ages and lots of mediums
  • She was a branding+marketing coach for artists for many years
  • She designed websites and innovated gamification software for coaches.
  • She owned a jewelry tool and supply company, owned 2 paint your own pottery studios in Tucson, managed an arts and crafts studio in Chicago, worked for an interior design studio in Tucson, was a senior teacher for 3 companies in the USA/Japan.
  • She has been published in several national magazines and art books as an anthology writer.


Here is what private in-person students are saying:

“Our private lessons were amazing! I’ve learned so much in 12 hours with you. What a gift❣️ Anyone wanting to up their game should definitely message you. Thank you so much!”
-Carol K.

Tonya is the most knowledgeable, passionate and generous instructor I have ever met. Her shop it so professional yet cozy. Any tool you’ll need for a task, she’s got it! She answered every single question I had. Gave me suggestions about benches and tools and on how to spend my money smartly. She gave me her truthful reviews on equipment.She explained in detail how different torches work. Specially the Swiss torch, which I the one I had questions about. She gave me great advice about my business. And she was willing to connect me with experts to help me succeed as an entrepreneur.


I had the opportunity to take lessons with Tonya and it was nothing short of an amazing experience. She listened to what I wanted to work on, and then added more tools, techniques and information to make it all come together. Her experience fabricating along with her knowledge, make her an excellent teacher. Tonya does a wonderful job explaining things and observes and offers advice. One of my favorite things she taught me was to be se the torch in my left hand. As unnatural as it felt initially, it has really made a-lot of things easier. I can’t thank her enough for being a wonderful resource and giving me the chance to take lessons from her.

-Breana H.

I have taken lots of art and craft classes in my time.  Many, many of these classes have been with Tonya Davidson over the last 30 years and I can attest to the fact that she is, by far, the best instructor I have ever learned from.  Not only does she know her art inside out and upside down, but her dedication to her students is incomparable.  She has the patience of a saint and knows or finds a solution to every problem this bumble handed student has ever thrown at her.

Her teaching and demonstrations always include the best tips, tricks, and tools to assure that her students can have the best outcome possible.  She spends endless trying out new techniques, finding just the right tool or supply, and making sure her instructions and handouts have all the information her students need in order to replicate their project at home and on their own.

Tonya is readily available for follow up, questions, queries, and advice.  She has never let me down when I was stuck on something.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tonya Davidson for any sort of teaching, coaching, or assistance in any jewelry related setting.

Respectfully and happily submitted

-Shirlei D.

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