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I would like to thank you for the wonderful workshop. It is the best workshop that I have taken. Your classes are magnificent!!! I am very fortunate to be able to learn with you.

Anna Bouzyk

I am so happy I took Tonya's The Art of the Chain zoom class!  This was the best class I have taken, hands down, and I've taken a lot of them.  In addition to expert instruction, what sets Tonya apart is all of the extra content she provides, the amount of support before and after the class and all of the tips and tricks.  I can already see how my work flows have become more streamlined and efficient as I have incorporated what I have learned.  Her classes are worth every penny and I am looking forward to taking more!

Jan Coons

I took a class with Tonya through MAGG and I can wholeheartedly say that the class was worth what I paid and then so much more. Not only did the class project teach me numerous techniques that were new to me (and the reason I purchased the class in the first place) but I learned so many other tips, tricks and side techniques that weren’t enumerated in the class description that I came away with a wealth of knowledge that has continued to benefit me and come to my rescue over and over in the last year since the class ended. Tonya’s support, expertise and willingness to share her knowledge makes her one of the best instructors I’ve had in the jewelry making community. I look forward to taking more of her classes.

Cheryl Bartolini
@CherylandSonJewelryDesigns (IG)

I’ve taken two in-person workshops with Tonya in her studio, and they were worth every penny and more. Each one was jam packed with techniques, tips, tool recommendations, and practical guidance, plus the ongoing support she offers in her online student group is outstanding. I’ve taken many workshops and hosted top instructors in my studio, and Tonya is simply one of the best I’ve had the privilege to experience. A workshop with her is highly recommended.

Francesca W

The story begins on Instagram. I started following Tonya and realized that she was a wealth of information! Finally, I was able to take a zoom class with Tonya.

She is so generous with information and technique. Her ability to share her knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner is amazing. Tonya packs a ton of info into the class that I know I’ll be using for much more than the specific zoom class!

If that’s not enough, Tonya is always available to help or clarify something whether it’s a part of the class or another subject.

Waiting patiently for the next classes!

Lena P.
P.S. The Instagram tips are invaluable!

I took a class from Tonya August 2022 and I am signed up for another on 10/2023. Tonya is such a great instructor; very gifted, patient, kind and very through. 

Tonya explains things in a way that is easy to understand and makes sure you understand before moving on to the next process. One thing that really stood out for me was how she breaks down each step in a process. Something you may think you could never achieve or may think that is beyond your ability. If you just take it a step at a time you can do it.

I learned so much from Tonya, she is a wealth of information technicallly and has amazing tips on how to better organize your studio. Even if you think you are organized let me tell you she will still have some little tid bit of information that will be very helpful. 

I can’t thank Tonya enough, she demystified pick soldering for me, taught me you can break the rules and don”t be afraid to fail are only a few. After taking her class I had a new excitement for my craft and couldn’t wait to get back to the studio each morning. 

Tonya goes above and beyond and more than exceeded my expectations for what I thought I would get from taking her class. 

Becky B

I have taken several classes with Tonya and would rank her high as a knowledgeable and sharing teacher.  Not only do you learn the techniques to create an awesome project but you learn about the tools and many side bars of more techniques to elevate your work.  She is very interested in seeing her students succeed.

Louise Little

Tonya is an excellent and well prepared teacher. You learn not only what to do but why you do it. You will leave her classes with an in depth knowledge of the process and an outstanding Student kit filled with materials that will make it possible to go home and practice your new skills. I enjoyed every minute of her class!

Chris P.

The good and bad about Tonya Davidson in a nutshell. Tonya is a great teacher, she comes totally prepared with handouts and has a plethora of information to share with her students. She knows just about everything about everything. I found that the most interesting information was when she was answering a question from a student about some off handed subject, that the light bulb went off and I thought "wow, that was worth the price of the class just for that little tidbit!"

Now for the bad: You will have to have a drink after taking one of Tonya's class, because your head will be ready to explode from all the info you've just absorbed in one day. But, it's not all bad because she has already written everything down for you, so you can enjoy your drink! Can't wait to take more classes and listen for those little tidbits!

Cheryl D.

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