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Client Culture

  • Demystify + Optimize Your Automated Marketing
  • Verbal to Visual STANDout Story Branding
  • Strategic, Integrated & Profitable Launches
  • Be Seen, Be Heard, and Be Remembered™

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No matter what kind of site you have, what tools you use, or how good you are at what you do, if you don’t have a great foundation set up, you can’t build your profits consistently.

We mentor entrepreneurs 1:1 to build your wealth by connecting you to your clients in a heart-centered way with your voice and your story. We believe that your story needs to be woven through every experience you have with your prospect and clients.

Building your Red Thread Client Culture™ means

  • Reccurring revenue
  • Bigger lists
  • More opportunities
  • STANDout brand experience
  • and raving fans!

Training Programs

We know you are busy. You want to grow your business affordably and efficiently. That’s why we’ve developed programs for you on automated marketing, branding, and launching.

Our programs are delivered a little bit differently…just like we do everything. Your success is important to us. Community is important to us.

So we not only deliver outstanding content in a way that allows you to take successful habit-forming steps, but we back it up through our innovative gamification/accountability software. As if that was enough, we also take it one step further and facilitate engagement with other like-minded entrepreneurs in a community forum!

Take your learning to the next level!

Client Culture Software Tools

  • Repeat clients spend 33% more than new clients
  • Referrals among existing clients are 107% more than non-clients
  • A new prospect costs 6x more to sell to

iBELONGmember™ + iACCOMPLISHpartner™ is software that easily delivers your programs and content to clients and establishes your work as their next best habit

Our software tools help your clients facilitate successful change implementation and integration of new skills, all while making accountability fun and rewarding.

Create raving fans, loyal clients and repeat revenue easily!

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