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Tech Implementation Hourly Block Packages

Do You Need an Experts Help?

Hire Tonya Davidson and her team to handle the technology side of your business so that you can focus on your Genius Work!

When hiring Tonya Davidson and her team, we can complete the following for you:

  • Editing Pages on your WordPress Website
  • Altering the Design of your WordPress Website (if created through one of our packages)
  • Installing and Activating New Plugins on your WordPress Website
  • Editing Information and Tabs on your Social Media Pages
  • Creating and Editing Campaigns for Infusionsoft
  • Creating, Editing and Launching Email Broadcasts with Infusionsoft
  • and more!

Tech Implementation Packages Cannot be Used for the Following:

  • Backing up, moving or making major alterations to a pre-existing website (such as custom theme design).
  • Registering or moving a domain name you own.
  • Graphic Design and Licensed or Royalty-Free Photos.
  • Copywriting. You must supply your own written text. We do not edit or make changes without direction by you.
  • Access to other premium items (such as iBELONGmember)
  • Business Builders Packages, VIP days, or hourly mentorship
  • Strategic Consulting, Coaching or Mentorship (see our Strategic Consulting Packages)
  • Training, including but not limited to:
    • Advanced training or training on how to create your own pages
    • Training on using the Custom Theme Builder Tools
    • Training on how to use HTML

We currently offer a several varieties of packages in order to help save you money.

Hourly Package A
1 Hour Block
$100 / Hour Block Enroll Now
Hourly Package B
10 Hour Block
$950 / 10 Hour Block
Save $5.00 per Hour!
Enroll Now
Hourly Package C
20 Hour Block
$1800 / 20 Hour Block
Save $10.00 per Hour!
Enroll Now
Hourly Package D
30 Hour Block
$2550 / 30 Hour Block
Save $15.00 per Hour!
Enroll Now

Important Notes (Please Read):

  • Once purchased, hours are non-refundable and must be used within 6 months of purchase. Any hours not used are forfeited and not eligible for refund, credit or cancellation.
  • Tasks are completed in a first-come, first-serve basis with our clients. You task may not be completed immediately. Please submit tasks with a minimum of FOUR business days before item is due so we can schedule you into our calendar. For tasks with critical deadlines, please contact us with at least FIVE business days of advance notice for additional security.
  • Hours are not reserved with these packages. For reserved hours per week or per month, please contact us for more information on our contract-based options.
  • Once the contract is complete (as in, all hours have been exhausted from your purchase), no further work will be completed on any pending Client’s work without additional hours purchased (this includes, but is not limited to, communications regarding work [including clarification of how something works], edits being made to any of the Client’s items or actual items being created).
    Work will be ended immediately upon expiration of hours. Work will be ceased even if the client has a pending or in- progress task if no available time is remaining.