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Strategic Consulting Hourly Block Packages

Do You Need an Experts Help?

Hire Tonya Davidson and her team to help strategize while providing coaching and consulting from years of experience online.

Hours from the Strategic Consulting Hourly Block Packages can be used for:

  • Strategizing Current and Upcoming Projects
  • General Coaching on Best Practices Related to Your Business
  • One-on-One Consulting Regarding Your Business, Website and Other Marketing Endeavors
  • Various Other Strategic Planning (ask us if you’re uncertain!)

We currently offer a several varieties of packages in order to help save you money.

Strategic Consulting Package
1 Hour Block
$295 / Hour Block Enroll Now
Strategic Consulting Package
3 Hour Block
$825 / 3 Hour Block
Save $20.00 per Hour!
Enroll Now
Strategic Consulting Package
6 Hour Block
$1590 / 6 Hour Block
Save $30.00 per Hour!
Enroll Now
Strategic Consulting Package
10 Hour Block
$2600 / 10 Hour Block
Save $35.00 per Hour!
Enroll Now

Important Notes (Please Read):

  • Once purchased, hours are non-refundable and must be used within 6 months of purchase. Any hours not used are forfeited and not eligible for refund, credit or cancellation.
  • Time may be used in 30 minute increments, but no longer than 90 minute sessions.
  • Hours are not reserved with these packages. For reserved hours per week or per month, please contact us for more information on our contract-based options.
  • If you are wanting to book a VIP half-day or full-day, please inquire for current price. These can be done virtually or in- person.
  • Once the contract is complete (as in, all hours have been exhausted from your purchase), no further coaching will be provided, including on any pending Client’s work without additional hours purchased (this includes, but is not limited to, communications regarding pending discussions [including clarification], or on new topics related to previously discussed topics).
    Discussion will be ended immediately upon expiration of hours. Work will be ceased even if the client has a pending or in- progress discussion if no available time is remaining.

The following services are NOT provided with our Strategic Consulting Hourly Block Packages:

  • Editing Pages on your WordPress Website
  • Altering the Design of your WordPress Website (if created through a theme that supports this)
  • Installing and Activating New Plugins on your WordPress Website
  • Editing Information and Tabs on your Social Media Pages
  • Creating and Editing Campaigns for Infusionsoft
  • Creating, Editing and Launching Email Broadcasts with Infusionsoft
  • Implementation of Various Other Tech Related Items

For these services, please see our Hourly Block Packs: Tech Implementation.