You are leaving money on the table!
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I'm Tonya and I help entrepreneurs
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Wouldn't you love to create a STANDout Brand™
with a Red Thread Client Culture™
which engages, converts and nurtures,
creating recurring revenue unlike your competition?
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Is your free gift a needle in the haystack in the free content online world we live in? Just one more thing for people to read?

Do you network but after the event people have forgotten the conversation because you were just one of many they spoke to?

Prospects are numb to “free gifts”, reading massive amounts of content, and really want to Know, Like and Trust businesses before they buy from them.

Learning how to make a business stand out and grow amongst the millions of other already established online companies can cost a fortune (PPC ads, direct mail, etc).

You want your business to be seen, be heard and be remembered™!

My name is Tonya Davidson, Chief Technology Optimizer and Online Conversion Strategist. I help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level by showing them how to integrate all the moving parts so they can get a return on their ideas.

Here’s what you’ll get when you download this Business Builder Toolkit:

  • 50 Tips and Tricks to Engage and Convert Leads:
Learn the best tactics to really engage your audience and build strong relationships that lead to easier conversions!  Don’t work harder, work more effectively.
  • Soulful Story Branding Video:
Learn to use your story to build a powerful and lasting brand that your ideal clients flock to.
  • Top 10 Checklist to Build a Client Culture:
10 Easy-to-Implement Changes that can take your brand experience from lacking to soaring.
  • Tonya’s Business Builder Bi-Monthly eZine

    Meat and potato articles, tips and tricks right to your inbox for improving the results of your integrated campaigns. Let me do the research and find the info you need so you don’t have to waste time!

Once you have this Business Builder Toolkit in your arsenal, can start your Action Step List to prioritize the things that will make the biggest changes in your bottom line today!

Download the Business Builder Toolkit while you can.

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Privacy Policy: We will always respect your privacy and never sell or share your name or email address with anyone


Amethyst Wildfyre

"Tonya's latest Creative Gift to the world 50 Tips and Tricks to Engage and Convert Leads is jam PACKED with valuable and profit generating ideas to get your message out, magnetize people to your community and ultimately monetize your brilliance.

Beautifully designed and powerfully presented this lovely little document is going to sit by my side for ready reference whenever I have one of those "woe is me" moments where I'm feeling frustrated with my marketing efforts – I can just pop this open – pick one thing to do – implement it and start to see success!

Thanks Tonya for being a perfect partner on my path!"

Amethyst Wyldfyre

Aprille Sherbet

"I got Tonya’s ebook “50 Tips and Tricks to Engage and Convert Leads” and devoured it from start to finish!

It’s jam packed with simple, easy to implement ideas starting on Page 1 (especially #15-17 and #19)!!

I have already begun putting several of these into place and can’t wait to see my lead list grow.

Thank you Tonya, for such a valuable gift that will keep on giving as I use it over and over!"

Aprille Trupiano

Candyce Westfield

"Tonya is an abundance of knowledge and is very generous with all she knows!"

Candyce Westfield

Bronwen Heilman

"Tonya is the #1 person to go to if you want to learn how to work smarter, not harder, and increase your bottom line. She has proven time and time again, that she knows how to build a successful business"

Bronwen Heilman

Irina Baker

Tonya’s 50 Tips and Tricks to Engage and Convert Leads is a reference material for anyone who wants to build and nourish a successful business. It should be kept on your desk!

A systematized, step-by-step approach that everyone can follow without being overwhelmed.

I found myself taking notes and agreeing. And as a very pleasant bonus, the design of the document is stunning! I’ve truly enjoyed reading every step and plan to refer to these tips again and again. I highly recommend Tonya’s 50 tips and tricks! Very well done!

Irina Baker