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Segment Your List to Provide Relevant Content & Hook the Ideal Client

Do you have quite a few topics that are featured in your work, content and your messaging?  Not everyone is interested in everything you do.  So are you segregating these interested parties into different lists?  If not, marketing to everyone all the time, in one lump group, can cost you on missed opportunities as they begin to ignore your messages….missing what they really want to hear!

Uplevel Your Marketing Using Infusionsoft to Segment Your Lists
by Eric Johnston, Idea Return Technology Director

How many lists do you have in your Infusionsoft account?

Many people are content with just 1 list for their entire newsletter. “Subscribers” and that’s it.

When they go to send out a broadcast, they just send it out to that full list as if everyone on it is interested in the same thing.

Did you know that you can easily gauge what your leads are interested in and use that to customize your messaging?

It does take a little extra work because you’ll be modifying your messaging for each segment of your list, but it allows you to create a unique experience for each contact!

Imagine that you offer three services:

  • Service A (for example, 1-on-1 Coaching)
  • Service B (for example, Online Group Training)
  • and Service C (for example, done-for-you services)

Each type of service has a route (or should) where you navigate prospects through your website and through your marketing campaigns. And each route is unique because each audience is unique.

Say for example, you are sending out an email regarding a new launch that you have for a group program on “Creating Facebook Ads” to your entire subscriber/bucket list. However most of your list is only interested in 1:1 social media coaching. If you are sending out an invitation touting all the aspects of the program, it is unlikely they are going to read past the headline.

Now if you are introducing the 35,000 foot view of this new program to them, requesting that if it’s of interest they can click to know more, that works perfectly. You are opting them into a new list, segmenting their interesting in “Creating Facebook Ads”.

Normally during this launch your goal is to get them to read the “seeding and selling” series of emails that go out over a two to three week period of time. You want the copy to be good enough, the message to be strong enough, the gap strong enough, that they either say Heck Yes or Heck No and you get rid of the fence sitters (they unsubscribe).

However, you don’t want them to opt out of your entire subscriber list or the greater bucket list. So how do you set it up to achieve both goals?

Well, the good thing is, there’s an easy way to set your segmenting roadmap for success!

Where Do We Start?

To make this work easier (and without tedious searches), it is best to set this up as you go.

When someone opts in from a Service A focused page, the campaign should apply a tag: “Interested in Service A”. You would then do the same for Services B and C.

Now, when the tag is applied, you can call it a day there and simply use this with some tag search logic to identify your contacts.  For example, you could search for everyone who has “any” of the tags “Interested in Service A” while they don’t have “any” of the tags “Interested in Service B” or “… Service C”.  This will let you email just those interested in Service A.


But there’s a (logic) issue here: simply marking people as interested might mean that a specific contact qualifies for 2 or more of the lists (which is why I noted making sure that they weren’t interested in Service B or C in the example above).  Yet, you still want to market to the people who are interested in all of your services (those are probably the closest to your ideal client!).

So how do we avoid that? First, you would need to set a priority.

  • If interested in Service C, send Email 1
  • If interested in Service B (and not C), send Email 2
  • If interested in Service A (and not B or C), send Email 3

Now, a contact will receive Email 1 if they are interested in all 3, but only receive Email 3 if they are ONLY interested in Service A.

The main benefit to doing it this way is that you don’t need an extra campaign with lots of logic rules to handle the tags, and you don’t need multiple tags to handle all the various possible scenarios.

What Other Options Are There?

It is possible to set up a campaign that will trigger when any of the “Interested in Service…” tags above are applied. If the contact already has another “Interested in Service…” tag, you would remove the tags and apply the proper dual interest tag.

The problem with this method is that you will end up with tags for every scenario:

  • Interested in Service A, Interested in Service B, etc
  • Interested in Service A and B, Interested in Service A and C, Interested in Service B and C, etc
  • Interested in Service A, B and C

In addition to a large amount of tags, the amount of decision diamonds to make this work in the campaign is staggering. Every time someone enters the campaign, you would need to check for every possible situation (do they already have another tag?  do they already have a interested in multiple tag?  do they have an interested in everything tag?) and react accordingly.

So What’s the Best Solution?

This is a very difficult question because it depends on your specific needs.

Many people don’t realize that segmenting your list is nice, but its how you use the segmented lists that really matters.

You don’t necessarily need to know if a person is interested in Service A if you aren’t going to use that information to customize your messaging.  As well, if Service A, B and C all use the same messaging, is it really necessary to create unique messages for each route?

The key is to identify useful information and determine what you can use to enhance your messaging.

Not sure how to set up your messaging? Do you have a large launch coming and want to make sure that you are sending out relevant content that connects with your list? Schedule some Strategic Consulting time with Tonya. She can help you figure out that strategy and the tactics needed to not only enhance your messaging but technically execute it.

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