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Save Time & Money by Creating Reusable Infusionsoft Campaigns


Save Time & Money by Creating Reusable Campaigns
by Eric Johnston, Idea Return Technology Director

Do you want to save valuable time and money by creating campaigns that can be reused for a wide variety of scenario marketing goals?

We often encounter the perception that it has to be “all new” when setting up a campaign for our clients. Of course, as a client you are focused on the here and now. You have an immediate problem and you want to create a solution. But it doesn’t have to be new and from scratch!

For example: you have a product launch coming up and you want a series of things to happen for the launch (emails that show the problem, show the gap, invite them to the solution, etc). You create the emails campaign strategy, design the series of emails, and then write the content. 

It takes some time and energy to create, manage and set up all the moving parts. Not to mention cost in money and time!

What happens when the next launch comes up? Do you have to create a whole new campaign specifically designed for that launch? Spend all that money and time again?!

Is there a way to reduce this constant recreating of the content and campaign wheel?

First, we want to look at the pre-design/strategy period of creating your campaign.

Do all your product launches always follow the same basic trail of “touches”?

We normally want to send out emails at the exact same intervals prior to a product being launched. We typically also send out very similar emails with just slightly modified copy and possibly different images. This of course is assuming that our emails and content are converting and we have been taking a look at our analytics.

It’s the same for almost all of our campaigns. There are methods that we trust and that we often reuse. It’s virtually the same pattern with different words and touches to our clients. So why reinvent the wheel?

Here are some quick things you can do while planning your campaign that can make it more useable and more useful to your business beyond just the immediate need:

  • Instead of saying “I want to send out this email on __/__/__”… Say “I want to send this email out 8 weeks before the launch.” Focusing on the numerical weeks or days prior to the launch on this will allow you to set up the Infusionsoft campaign in a way that you don’t have to re-calculate this in the future. That saves you from having to re-find your notes about when to send emails.
  • Consider your normal layout for a product launch. Are the emails that go out very similar? Try to make your emails in a way that you can quickly and easily go in and switch out the content you want.
  • Opt for Drag-n-Drop Editor emails instead of fully-customized HTML emails if you aren’t familiar with HTML. This will make it so you don’t have to hire someone else to create your launches in the future. You can just copy-paste text in and be done!
  • Do you apply tags throughout the campaign? Try to keep track of these tags, which are organized by not only keeping them in an appropriate category, but also by giving them consistent naming that you can carry through to future launches. This will make it easier for you to create the necessary new tags when a future campaign comes up.
    Leave yourself notes about why you do certain things. When your next launch comes up, you may not remember that this email is critical and that it MUST have a certain element.
  • Keep a log of all the steps you take. This can reduce the amount of time you have to spend trying to figure it all out again in the future. The best part… Infusionsoft can actually hold these notes right next to where they appear in the campaign. You don’t even need to keep track of a pesky physical notebook (we know how those like to get buried under other clutter over the years).

Now that we’ve considered all of these things factors and tips, you should be able to tell if the campaign you’re creating can be reused.

Some campaigns do need to be unique. Special offers often have specific time frames and very unique patterns that might not work for other special offers. There may be too many things will change and trying to reuse a campaign will just confuse you and lead to possible mistakes.

However, in general, launches are a great example of a campaign that can be reused in the future as they typically follow the same pattern (emails going out roughly at similar intervals based on the launch date).

Then think about feedback requests. How often do you reach out and ask how someone is liking your services? Do you have an automated campaign? And if you do, is it just one campaign? Does it need to be edited each time or do you have tags for specific types of feedback email campaigns (private clients vs program clients vs done-for-you services)?

Does this mean that all of my campaigns will always be the same?

No! And this is important to note because one of the most critical things that this process can help with is making it so that you can recreate a very similar campaign and ONLY change minor details.

A great example of this is if you notice that your fifth email isn’t converting very well in your product launches, by using this process, you can keep the first through fourth (which might be doing incredibly) and only change the fifth email’s layout or timing.

Making small changes to what was an over-all successful campaign can prevent you from changing something that was critical to its success “by accident”.

However, it is possible to completely change everything in a duplicated campaign. So this process could also just help you by giving you a skeleton outline of your process that you can build off of.

So now that I have planned my campaign, how do I make my campaigns reusable?

There are a few critical steps that you will need to keep in mind while setting up your campaign. As with anything in your business, if this is not your genius work, consider hiring an Infusionsoft Certified Partner (such as us) to help you get the initial set-up completed (as the original campaign is critical if you are using it as a reusable campaign). You can also hire an I.C.P. to check over your work and give you tips on changes or edits to make to optimize the results.

Step 1: Leaving Notes

This is what I often consider to be the most critical part.


Leave yourself notes! Infusionsoft’s campaign builder allows you to embed notes right onto the screen. You can put these all around on your campaign (both the overview and in the individual sequences).

One of the best things to do is to leave a Note on the main campaign of the steps that you have to take to launch the campaign…

1: Adjust Date Timers to Use the Correct Date
2: Replace ALL Email Content in Campaign with Correct New Copy
3: Change ALL Tags to Apply the Correct Tags for New Product / Offer / Promotion

This is why I previously noted that you should keep a list of your action steps when planning your campaign. Simply paste those notes into a note on the campaign and you don’t have to worry about tracking down your notes for when you reuse your campaign.

Make sure that these notes are specific enough that you can come back later down the road and simply plug in the content that needs changed. You don’t have to try to figure anything out because you have a very clear list of steps to complete.

Step 2: Reuse or Duplicate and Update?

In general, I recommend never updating an old campaign and then using that updated old campaign unless you are very clear on what you are doing.

So that leaves you with two choices:

  1. Reuse a campaign that you created. Trigger the campaign by having the initial goal a tag application. Then anytime that tag is applied, the campaign will run.
  2. Duplicate an existing campaign and make slight edits to it so that it applies to your current goal.

Reusing a campaign is useful for things like a feedback request or a testimonial request. These campaigns can be generalized. A single campaign can work whether they just finished a product offer or just received your freebies.

By reusing the same campaign, you can just create 1 campaign that will handle all of your needs. This saves you from having to recreate the same series of sequences in multiple campaigns. It also makes it very easy to make changes to the sequence. Change it in one place and you’re done.

Duplicating a campaign is an extremely effective ability that Infusionsoft offers and that you can really make use of to save time.

Are you launching a new product? Duplicate your last product launch campaign, change the dates, the content of the emails and any other current launch specific details and you’re done. This saves you time trying to figure out when to send which emails, what emails you need and making sure that you apply all the right tags at the right time.

Obviously, if you need to make changes to the campaign (such as dates, names, etc), you don’t want to just reuse the same campaign you used before because it would have the wrong details. You would need to duplicate the campaign and make the small changes. However, if you are reusing the same campaign (with the same content, delay timers, etc), you can simply reuse the same campaign if you built it in a way that it can be reused.

So my general rule of thumb:

  • Reuse the same campaign if you aren’t making ANY changes to it and if its doesn’t necessarily matter if someone already in it goes back through it again (there are ways to prevent people from going through it twice)
  • Duplicate and Update a campaign if you have to change something in the campaign to make it apply to the new goal you are creating.

If you are simply re-using the campaign, you are already done. The campaign should have been set up in a way that you can just trigger it from the end of another campaign (typically via a tag application) and the campaign will automatically run. You don’t have to duplicate or change anything.

If you have to duplicate it because you are making some minor changes, go ahead and proceed on to Step 3.

Step 3: How Do I Duplicate a Campaign?

Duplicating a campaign is actually really easy! Even if you aren’t tech savvy, you can still do this fairly easily…

First locate the campaign you want to duplicate and open it up.

Near the top-left, you will see a button that says “Campaign” with a small arrow next to it. Click it and then click “Make a Copy…”


You will be asked what you want to name the copy (this is the new campaign that you will be editing). Simply enter in the name you want to use and click Ok.

You’re done! You’ve duplicated your previous campaign and can start inserting any changes needed.

Step 4: Making Changes to the Duplicated Campaign

Now is when Step #1 becomes critical.

When you duplicated your campaign, your new copy will be set to “Draft” mode (in other words, everything is marked as not “Ready”). You will need to go through everything in your new campaign and mark it all ready as you put in any new content.

Now, if you find that you are not inserting new content, I would recommend going back to Step 2 and double-checking that you really needed to duplicate it and that you can’t just reuse the same campaign.

At this point, if you completed Step #1 when setting up your original campaign, you should be able to just follow the instructions you left and work your way through, marking each item “Ready” as you make the required changes.

That’s it!

Your new campaign is ready and all you had to do was paste in new email copy and change some dates most likely.

Of course, not every campaign is reusable. However, in general, we find that many campaigns can follow this process.

You no longer have to drag each component out into your campaign. You don’t have to find those old notes about when to send out each email. You don’t have to worry about missing an email…

Simply duplicate the campaign you want to reuse and follow the instructions you left when originally setting up the campaign, or, in some cases of things like feedback requests or special offers, just try re-triggering an already existing campaign.

Having trouble determining if you can do this? Or not sure if your campaigns are set up in this way? We are happy to help you look over your campaigns and determine if they can be reused and help you with setting up instructions on how to duplicate an existing campaign to reuse it.

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Need help figuring out how to set up your campaign strategy (what touches you want to deliver without overwhelming the prospect/client, the content to fill those touches, and ways to offer second or last chance connections)? Check out our Strategic Consulting Hourly Packages!

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