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Is your campaign broken? You might be missing out re-engaging prospects & not even know it!

Repeatable Infusionsoft Campaigns
by Eric JohnstonIdea Return Technology Director and Infusionsoft Certified Partner


Repeatable Infusionsoft Campaigns

During our work, cleaning up Infusionsoft accounts, setting up new campaigns, or implementing new strategies, we often find clients who set up their campaign at the bare essentials. They look something like this…

Non-Repeatable Infusionsoft Campaign

Not considering the simplicity of the campaign (and the missed opportunities), there is a major issue here. Once a contact goes into the “Send Freebies” sequence, they can never enter it again. It’s a one-time sequence.

So why is this?

In Infusionsoft, contacts in a campaign have three states: Active, Done, and Queued.

“Active” Contacts

These are contacts that are currently in the sequence. They may be waiting for a timer or they may be actively receiving the content (though content is typically delivered very quickly).

In a freebie sequence, this typically means that they are waiting to receive gift #2 or gift #3.

These are the contacts that will appear at the top of the sequence when viewing the campaign in Performance view.


“Done” Contacts

Contacts marked as “Done” have finished the sequence. These contacts are able to re-enter the sequence as they are not currently in it.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they assume that contacts are automatically moved to these state after they finish the last action in a sequence. This is NOT true.

Contacts are only moved to “Done” when they finish the sequence and move on to something else (either a goal or another sequence).

So what happens when a contact reaches the end of a sequence and there’s nothing to move to (like in the example above)?

They become “Queued.”

“Queued” Contacts

So when a contact reaches the end of a sequence and has no where to go, they become “Queued.”

This is the number displayed at the bottom of each sequence (that is why the end of your campaigns most likely have a higher number than the earlier sequences – assuming you’re not setting your sequences up as repeatable).


This number indicates how many people are currently at the end of the sequence, waiting to move on to the next sequence.

Here’s an important note that you should always remember: a contact can only exist within a sequence once at any given moment. They can go through the same sequence multiple times, but they can only be in it once at any single instance.

In other words, while they are sitting “Queued” at the end of your sequence, they cannot re-enter the sequence and go through it again. When they reach the sequence they are already in, they will drop out of the campaign, unable to move into the sequence.

Why Would You Want a Contact to Re-Go Through a Sequence?

Using the freebie example we first mentioned is the obvious example. When someone first approaches your website, they will obviously want to “try” you out.

What happens when they decide that they don’t need your services right at that time (this might happen right after they give you their email because they get busy with other things)? They will most likely forget about you. Customers typically are only interested in what helps to serve them right at that moment. Of course, if you have them on your mailing list, they’ll keep getting your emails, but we all know how quick we are to start ignoring emails if its not relevant at the moment.

Now imagine in a year, they decide they are ready for the service you provide. They have forgotten about your freebies (or worse, they never actually opened them), and they want to experience them again. They sign up on your website for your freebies… check their email… but guess what? They don’t get anything!

Is this the experience that you want to share with new clients or those trying to re-engage with you now that they are interested?

So What Can You Do?

I wish I could tell you a quick solution that always works, but every sequence is going to be unique. There are common tricks, but these aren’t always going to work for you (things like adding goals that are self-fulfilled or simply adding another sequence can work, but be careful you don’t break follow-up sequences by adding these!).

But you don’t have to worry, most Infusionsoft Certified Partners will know tricks based on your exact campaign to help allow contacts to run through your sequences multiple times.

Want someone to help get your campaigns set up so that contacts can re-run your sequence?

Check out our Tech Implementation Hourly Block Packages and we’d be happy to discuss the best options with you!

Want to handle it yourself? We are here to support you.

Our Tech Implementation Hourly Block Packages can also be used to have us double check your work and make sure that things are running how you anticipate. We are a life-line for all of our clients, some who do their own basic implementation and use us for trouble-shooting, seeing what they missed, or even answering quick questions. Best of all, current clients on package hour retainers get notifications from us of changes, what to be aware of, and what to do next. We spend a portion of every day reading insider tips, campaigns info, and invest in our own cutting-edge techology knowledge so we can serve at the highest level. We consider ourselves an extended part of those client’s team!

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