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15 Ways to Magnetize Abundance in 2015


What’s your “temperature” as you enter this holiday season and as we close out 2014?

We’re a tough lot. Entrepreneurs….tough as nails, tenacious, bold, and strong.

We set high expectations, goals, and as our own bosses we’re particularly hard on ourselves too! So give yourself a break if you are feeling “off” or “less than abundant” during this time of year.

It’s expected that we experience “ebb” moments as we take inventory of where we succeeded, where we had failures or learning experiences, and where we just plodded along being “busy” but not generating the income in 2014 we wanted.

High achieving entrepreneurs can have bouts of depression, sadness, anger or may even want to throw in the towel because we often focus on what we didn’t achieve, rather than what we did achieve. It’s stressful to run your own company!

Sound anything like you?

Maybe you are in the “flow” part of the ride in your business and 2014 was a success for you. Hats off! You are well on your way with momentum. It’s a great time to really savor and celebrate those wins.

The end of the year is a great time to take a particularly close look at how you will continue your success in 2015 or improve it. How can you realign with your inner compass so you stay on track all year?

For many people, resolutions are how they put their stake in the ground. I realized many years ago that resolutions suck especially when I could identify with the fact that the average person has failed their resolution just 2 weeks into the year!

Then I tried the Word of the Year and found it to be “fun and novel” but not really serve a greater purpose for me during the year.

I was challenged to develop a tool, that I’m proud to say over the past 3 years have had over 250+ entrepreneurs adopt as the way they ring in the new year and get themselves lined up with their inner compass. It’s completely free but does require about 60 minutes of deep dive reflection. But that’s why it works!

It’s the way to A.C.E. your year or the Alignment Compass Exercise. I’m inviting you to join us and share your Compass Words too.

What else can you do to magnetize the abundance in your life and business?

15 Ways to Magnetize Abundance in 2015

  1. Surround yourself with 5 – 6 brilliant people that challenge you and inspire you to be the best person and best business person. If they don’t fit those basics, time to stop spending your valuable time with them. Choose relationships wisely! Time is not infinite and each moment is precious. Who do you have on your own Board of Advisors? Don’t have your own BOA?  Click here!
  2. Empty your cup. Find things in your physical space that need to be gifted to someone else that can use or benefit from them. Let go of task and actions that fill your calendar that are no longer serving you. Yes, do this now.
  3. Get real with yourself. Really REAL!
    – If you just had 2015 (you would no longer exist after 2015 for whatever reason) what would you do with it? What wouldn’t you bother with anymore?
    – If you just had until June 2015 what would you spend your precious time on?
    – If you just had January what would you eliminate and what would be on your “I love to do xxx” list.
    It all comes down to setting your REAL priorities and getting rid of everything that’s not.
  4. Start with you! “The Power of Millions starts with the Power of One”. What can you do that can create change by looking inwards instead of outward? This means stop focusing on judging and controlling others. Be the best you can be first.
  5. To change your habits, change your environment (and those people that trigger those habits). Want to be more productive? Eliminate and banish drains in your environment, make the repairs needed and complete the things that bother you. They are energy sucks…conscious and unconscious!
  6. Challenge yourself. Stop competing with others. If you strive to do better today than you were yesterday, you will succeed. You only need to worry about your own successes. Set those goals, achieve milestones and celebrate wins!
  7. You are ready! You don’t need to get any more credentials, study with any more experts, buy more products or research any more data. Create and offer it to others. Improvement is a natural progression of getting it out there, getting feedback and taking action. Experiment through launching and relaunching. Rinse and repeat.
  8. Watch your language. Is your outside voice and inside (your head) voice full of positivity and can-do talk? If not, it’s time to work on rewording your conversations and eliminating anything that works against you or sets up expectations that are unimportant (shoulds, coulds, need to, ought to, etc).
  9. Do things differently. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Remember that Seinfeld episode when George Costanza did the opposite? Try it. You have less to lose than repeating what doesn’t work. Don’t be afraid. F.ace It. R.eplace It. A.nd E.rase It (F.E.A.R.)
  10. Expect ease but be prepared to work hard. If there’s a lot of resistance, stop and ask why. Remember that there is a difference between resistance and a break down. A break down is followed by a break thru and is the natural progression of “death and rebirth” where real growth occurs. Investigate. Dig deep. Discover your next step.
  11. Forgive others and put away your “blamethrower”. Ask what you can do (the power of one) to change the circumstance. Forgiveness isn’t for them so much as it is for you. Give yourself that gift. Release that energy to use elsewhere!
  12. Focus on the 20% that brings you the 80% of returns. Another words, the Pareto Principle says 2 things out of 10 bring you the vast majority the rewards, profit, or pleasure. Stop spending time doing the things that only bring you very little return. ROI = return on investment (and that is time, money, love, joy, health, etc)
  13. Release the control and melt the stress. Worrying actually has been shown to be a trait of the most successful people because they always want to improve. However focus your worry on that which you can control or improve. Let the rest melt away. Accept it for what it is and instead focus your love on the great qualities of that person, place or thing instead.
  14. Exude gratitude and joy. This type of energy vibrates and effects all things surrounding you that are also energy. Be the magnet for what you want, not what you don’t.
  15. Love what is. Ask if your thoughts are true or if it’s a perception (just a thought). Then ask if you can absolutely know that it’s true. Take stock of your actions when you believe it. Turn that thought around because it’s just a thought. 
Again…Love What Is! (Byron Katie’s – The Work)

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